Cedar & Sweetgrass


Organic Cold Process Soap

Darb handcrafted, all natural, and palm oil-free soaps all begin with the same skin nourishing oils which include: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Hemp Oil, high oleic Sunflower Oil, and beeswax.

No artificial fragrance oils or low quality essential oils. Just subtle natural scents of sacred Cedar and Sweetgrass. It smells like the sweetness of a fall meadow with hints of vanilla and the beautiful rustic scent of cedar that we all know and love.

Balance your mind and your skin with this very special bar.

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The rustic Cedar & Sweetgrass bar provides balance for your skin as well as your mind. Made with a slow infusion of organic eastern red cedar and sweetgrass in extra virgin olive oil.

Cedar & Sweetgrass are both sacred, high revered plants by indigenous native tribes throughout history with many benefits for mind, body, and spirit. They’re often burned together in purification rituals and great for meditation and balancing the mind.

The skin benefits of cedar include its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, and anti-oxidant properties. whoa! Furthermore, the familiar aroma that we all know and love not only repels bugs, but is also said to ease nervous tension, anxiety, and depression.

Darb handcrafted cold process soaps are naturally scented by the medicinal herbs and plants used.  Therefore the scent is more subtle than if you were to use artificial fragrance oils or low quality essential oil.

The Sweetgrass in this bar is the prize when it comes to scent. It offers the perfect unisex aroma. Earthy with hints of vanilla and the sweetness of a fall meadow. Besides attracting positive energy, it’s also said to benefit dry skin, minor scrapes, and may prevent infection.

Naturally colored with french green clay and madder root.

French green clay is said to draw impurities from the skin, therefore helping to improve blemishes. Additionally, it’s said to improves skin tone, circulation, and soothe insect bites, cuts/scrapes, burns, and sore muscles.

Madder root (rubia tinctorum) is an herb thats been around for thousands of years. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and is known to improve skin rashes, irritations, and acne.




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