About Us

Small Batches

We make our products in small batches to ensure the ultimate quality and care goes into everything we're pleased to offer you here. Our herbal infusions are slowly infused by the energy of the sun for several weeks giving them ample time to soak up all the beneficial constituents from the sacred herbs and plants we use. Solar infusions ensure that the beneficial properties are not damaged by intense or prolonged heat. It's a loving and respectful process to value nature and care for ourselves.

Family Owned

We are a small family owned business and honored to share with you the products that we create and trust for our own family's use. We want to share and offer this line of natural & organic skin care products for those with sensitive skin or anyone that wants to avoid pharmaceuticals and nasty chemicals found in other skincare products on the market. Our dream is that in using our soaps, salves, and body powder, you not only enjoy a variety of benefits for your skin, but you'll also feel a connection and belonging to your roots in nature.

Environment Friendly

While it is possible to source certain controversial ingredients sustainably, we say why even bother? That's why Darb Naturals is a palm-oil free brand. Palm Oil is found in a huge amount of our everyday products, especially soaps. The Palm Oil industry is a major component in habitat loss for some of our most beloved wildlife including tigers, rhinos, elephants, and orangutans.
In addition to saying no to Palm oil, other ways we try to be environmentally responsible is by using recycled paper for our soap labels and marketing materials, biodegradable packing materials, biodegradable powder shaker, and fair trade coffee for our Coffee & Honey soap. Love for your body, love for your neighbor, and love for the planet.

Natural & Sacred Ingredients

The dream and desire is to honor and connect with nature by understanding and implementing these sacred plants found on this land. These plants and herbs were long ago discovered to hold meaningful and beneficial support for our wellbeing. Our handcrafted soaps, salves and other skincare products are made with this in mind. You will not find any artificial fragrances, colorants, or low quality essential oils in any of our products. That's why our cold process soaps have a more subtle scent, but are packed with beneficial properties offered from our plant friends. Many of the herbs I use to create our soaps are high revered and dear to many. Specifically cedar, sage, and sweetgrass, which are often used in indigenous ceremonies. I hope the use of our products bring with them a connection to nature and to our past. These sacred plants and herbs have been trusted and used for healing throughout history and their power still holds true today.

Be clean. Be pure. Care for yourself with the truth of nature.

We invite you to replace the toxins and chemicals found in so many of the health and beauty products on the market today with Darb Naturals products. Let’s normalize being able to read the ingredients list of our everyday products. Get back to basics and back to the natural world you can trust. 

Meet our Family!

We’re just out here raising kiddos, homeschooling, and doing our best to instill love, respect, and appreciation of the natural world. Hello, welcome, and thank you so much for visiting our website. I’m Jillian, a Tennessee native, and creator of all things Darb Naturals. I grew up with sensitive skin and realized long ago the need to stay away from synthetic fragrance and harsh chemical ridden skincare products. When I became a mom, my maternal instincts lead me to herbalism and the craft of using these sacred plants to create our own skincare products for healing and nurturing our bodies. I believe it’s more important than ever to reconnect with the natural world in our everyday lives and wanted to provide variety in healing properties when it comes to soap, not just a variety in scent. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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