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DARB - (noun) 1920's slang for an excellent person or thing.

Our products are natural, organic, and palm-oil free. It’s all about using quality ingredients that offer excellent benefits for your skin and wellbeing, whilst also being mindful our ingredients are socially and environmentally responsible. Nature is a precious gift and if you take the time to get to know it, you’ll learn that it can provide you with pretty much everything your body truly needs, wants, and thrives on. That’s why the herbal infusions we make are the star in our handcrafted cold process soaps & salves. Let’s get back to nature and use these sacred plants that have always been here for us. They were used by our ancestors for a reason. Let’s get back to our roots.

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Naturally scented, naturally colored, and infused with some of natures most beneficial plants and additives for skincare. Our goal is that you’ll enjoy better skin and also feel a sense of connection to the natural world when using our handcrafted soaps. As someone who grew up with sensitive skin, I learned long ago that I needed to stay away from artificial fragrance and only use unscented soaps, lotions, and even laundry products. That’s why I wanted to make naturally scented, skin loving soaps and offer more variety for people like me. If you’re looking for natural, organic, and quality ingredients to care for your skin while also looking to use products that are made with sustainability and community in mind, then we’ve got your bubbles! Excellent for those with sensitive skin that often becomes irritated by harsh chemicals and fragrance. Excellent for those looking for a soap that does more than just clean. 

Salve + Night Cream

Did you know a lot of pharmaceutical products start with ingredients from the natural world? It can’t be denied that nature is going to be involved when it comes to your wellbeing. It provides for us in never ending ways. Our ancestors knew the power of these beloved and sacred plants, turning to them throughout history for many reasons, but most importantly, because they work. After all, we ourselves are nature, and nature knows nature. Skip all the extra questionable ingredients and try our herbal infused salves and rejuvenating face cream made with a powerhouse team of high quality essential oils. Only the good stuff to support your skins best interests. 


When it comes to baby, back to basics is best. After all, what’s more natural than baby? That’s why it feels so right knowing that baby is being cared for with clean, pure, natural & organic products with the added benefit of being highly effective yet gentle at the same time. The beautiful smelling herbs we use will support both baby and mama, emotionally and physically, for a more peaceful journey through this special time and then onwards. Try our baby products or shower a loved one with the natural products that were inspired and created for our own family’s use. These are products the whole family can use in different ways for different things. Made out of pure love and the desire to only use natural and harmless ingredients on the bodies of those we care for most. 

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DARB Magic Salve, Healing Salve, Organic Salve, All Natural, Balm, Skin Care
DARB Magic Salve
“I would describe it like The beautiful and calming salve began working instantly on my skin. “
DARB Magic Salve, Healing Salve, Organic Salve, All Natural, Balm, Skin Care
DARB Magic Salve
“Working on minor skin irritations as described. I’ve used this product for arthritic knee pain with accompanying shin splints. I’m amazed at the effects. I’m down to almost no knee pain, the shin splints are gone and so is the cane.
Walking is pain-free. This is definitely a magic salve. Amazing results!! 
DARB Magic Salve, Healing Salve, Organic Salve, All Natural, Balm, Skin Care
DARB Magic Salve
Very happy with purchase. Have used it on a couple of skin scrapes and irritations. Excellent product and great customer service. Looking forward to taking it on future hiking/paddling/camping trips as part of my 1st Aid Kit.

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